What does it take to start your own growing business, write a series of successful books, be named in Forbes 30 Under-30 Social Entrepreneurs and an international power lifter on the GB team? Jodie Cook does it all and she shared with me how she’s achieved so much in this month’s podcast. 

When is the Right Time?

Social Media expert, Jodie Cook, didn’t plan to start her own business after leaving university but she followed her love for social media and that's where it led. She was working with a growing list of happy clients when she realised she had more than a full-time job on her hands. What she had was a business.  She took the next step and started hiring people who shared her enthusiasm. The result was JC Social Media.

What does it take to keep it all going? Jodie shares her advice generously in our interview but here’s a quick introduction. It takes:

  • Passion

    Jodie hires people she describes as “unashamedly geeky” with a love of learning and passion about what they do. She makes it a point to foster an environment where people feel free to come forward with their ideas and as a result the creativity flows.

  • Determination

    50% of business owners run into challenges and crumble. Ensure you’re one of the other 50% who persevere and power through the difficulties. Be set enough in your beliefs to keep going through the hard times.

  • Even More Determination

    Problems will never go away so you should be open to doing things differently. Adapt to the developing challenges for your business.  Jodie advises, don't take every criticism to heart and follow your beliefs. (It took her about 3 years to find a sponsor for the Tykes books but she never gave up her idea. Now she’s planning expansion into the USA.)

At this point, I think you’ll agree with me that Jodie is truly inspirational! To find out more about Jodie’s exciting story and to learn about her series of books, both for children and adults, go to her website


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