Steve Glaveski Employee to Entrepreneur

I spoke with Steve Glaveski, Author and CEO, about being an entrepreneur; something in which it’s safe to say he’s an expert. He made the leap from a comfortable, corporate environment to a start-up of his own about seven years ago and he has no regrets.Lots of people dreaming of doing the same have asked Steve how it’s done, which inspired him to write his book, Employee to Entrepreneur, available now.

If you’ve thought about a start-up of your own, this could be your manual of how to go about it. The book is loaded with tips but three big takeaways to start are:

The importance of experimentation
What are the best ways to learn what works and what doesn’t work? The answer is to try your ideas. Steve has some practical suggestions on how to set up test situations which will give you valuable information fast. You can take it and run with it.

A case for a six-hour work day
Being an entrepreneur is hard work but managing your productivity is important. Repetitive, formulaic tasks can and should be outsourced. Spend your time doing high-value tasks that will take the business forward. See links below for more details.

Just what makes a good entrepreneur
You’ve got the dream and you’re ready to make a change but some people don’t deal with risk very well—their brains just aren’t programmed for it—so what are the choices if it turns out entrepreneurship isn’t your best option in changing career? Steve’s book has an entire chapter on alternatives to entrepreneurship for when breaking out on your own might not be the best route to take.

Steve Glaveski Employee to Entrepreneur



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