It can be overwhelming to look in the career section of a bookshop and try and work out which career book to take away with you if you want to take the time over the summer to reconsider your career.

So I want to make that choice easier for you by picking out my top 2 choices for summer 2017.

One is (of course!) the book I co-authored called Taking Charge of Your Career, published in January 2017.

I make no apologies for this as the book covers pretty much everything Camilla and I know about how to take charge of your career.

We wanted it to be an A to Z of helping people develop their career and then recommend other specialist books when the reader wants to dive into a subject in more detail.

One of these books is my second pick for the summer: The 2 Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton.

So let's take these in turn.

Taking Charge of Your Career

Here's an extract of a review of 'Taking Charge of Your Career' by Jackie Ellis, an independent Careers Adviser based in the South West.

"This book really does live up to it's title, being a thorough, practical and comprehensive guide overing every aspect of career change, development and management. I would certainly recommend this as an excellent resource for helping to support adults looking for a career change as well as for direct use by motivated and committed clients looking at long term career planning"

Reviewed in the June Edition of 'Career Matters', the Magazine for the Career Development Sector, published by CDI, the Career Development Institute.

The 2 Hour Job Search

Next why do I recommend Steve's book 'The 2 hour Job Search'?

Steve breaks down the job searching process into 3 steps to keep you on track:

Step 1 – is to prioritise your list of employers using what he describes at The Lamp Method (List, Alumni, Motivation and Posting). You can order your list by seeing if there are alumni from your school or university , how motivated you are to work there and whether the the company is recruiting. This allows you to get focussed on the employers that are most likely to yield results.

Step 2 - Boosters, Obligates and Curmudgeons

Steve describes the 3 types of people you may come across when reaching out for meetings to research opportunities (Informational meetings)

He then goes into detail on how to construct a 5 point approach email – which is often where people go wrong! (mentioning jobs and turning prospects off)

Step 3 – Recruit - Informational interviews – Steve covers what you should be covering when you start to build relationships with people so they 'know, like and trust' you, which might lead to them ultimately helping you!

You can use his TIARA acronym to structure your conversations

Trends - What trends do they see in the industry right now?

Insights - What skills do you use the most in your job?

Advice - If you were going to break into this field what experience would be useful?

Resources - Where do you suggest I look to find out more about this field?

Assignments - Out of what you are working on now, what is the most important?

Steve finishes by showing you how to track responses and keep focused to a successful resolution using his process.

Get your Linkedin profile in shape

Whatever you are hoping to achieve in your career it's crucial to have a strong Linkedin profile, so I've put together a linkedIn Check list so you can quickly check you're presenting yourself as well as you possibly can.

Click here for the Linkedin checklist

Sustainability bootcamp for Teenage Girls

Finally do you know a teenage girl who might be interested in a Sustainability Bootcamp? This fantastic event will be hosted by Bristol University and run by Catalyse Change CIC, on 22-24th August 2017.

It is a residential course aimed at helping teenage girls understand the sustainability field and how they might develop a career within this field. A fantastic opportunity for personal and career development. Find out more at Catalyse BootcampBristol.

There is a competition running until the end of July to win a free place and there are also some bursaries available. One of the career coaches we work with, Rhian Sherrington, is part of Catalyse Change and so I am sure it will be a great event.

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